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EagleBurgmann plants 170 trees

04-2019 |

A group of some 50 EagleBurgmann employees met in mid-April to plant 170 trees on a mountain slope near the company headquarters in Wolfratshausen. The initiative was launched to mark the 170th anniversary of the German Freudenberg Group, which together with the Japanese EKK Group is a shareholder of EagleBurgmann.

Training successfully completed

02-2019 |

After a successful final examination and three and a half years of training as an industrial mechanic at EagleBurgmann Germany, Wolfratshausen, six young specialists are starting a new chapter in their careers. EagleBurgmann has employed the industrial mechanics who are now working full-time in their production departments at the Eurasburg site. They will be able to apply and expand their knowledge in the demanding production of industrial seals for customers around the globe.

Warm welcome, completely normal contact

12-2018 |

Just one week of practical training can change one' s view of people and the working world. Since 2005, EagleBurgmann Germany's second year trainees have been doing practical training at the Oberland Werkstätten (Workshops) in Geretsried/Germany.

In October and November of this year, 14 trainees from the Eurasburg location got a taste of the different operating divisions of this institution for people with disabilities.

Dr. Kai Ziegler is the new CTO at EagleBurgmann

10-2018 |

Michael Stomberg, currently Chief Operating Officer (COO) of EagleBurgmann, will leave Freudenberg at his own request after twelve years of successful service to take up the position of CEO at a publicly listed company in Bavaria.

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